Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Standing in the sleepy line
With closed empty eyes
I scratch my ass I dig my nose
I duck to escape the scorching glances

My unfinished dreams of yester night
Lurks from the dusty corners of neverland
The incessant drone of morning prayers
Jam my garbled senses

I wobble my oversized head
to clear the commercial traffic
of formulae and theories…
The misery of history

Moral science remains a wasted effort
Trapped in the confinement of the assembly halls
I stoop, from the nagging ache
The victims of educational despair

written by ananya chatterjee


  1. there's this subtly sweeping rhythm in your writing... a kind of soft trot trot... which is one of the things i love...

  2. hey u just made me read it once again..........ya there is u know..........i dint know dat... thanks

  3. hehe....u'v expressed the universal emotion that every 'scholar' holds in today's world.....