Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My tears bear the traces of gore,
No wounds I see, no pain I feel
An empty lane and alleys of bygone days
Mirth and joy, lurks in the dusty corners.

Scarred was I, by the gashes of time
The road to salvation was dark, was cold
I was lost amidst the silence of stars
Alone I stood at the edge of life.

My hands felt numb, drenched in sweat
With a shallow breath, I reached to trap my life
Memories I grabbed with my empty hands,
My tainted hear was bleeding again.

written by ananya chatterjee


  1. In a blink moment life is, a fatal was not, what life could be? A dark sky, a shinny sun or a smile in flash that rediscover the life and no pain shall be painful.

  2. pain shall alwaz be painful
    unless u stop thinking....or worse stop feeling