Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One day I did spread my wings, one day I did somersault, one day I ate chocolates and didn’t stop until my tummy ached, one day I stood on the rooftops with dews caressing my naked shoulders, one day I screamed and screamed till nothing else would ring in my ears but my own sore voice. One day I did catch the first rays of the sun, made a fireball and threw it to the horizon, one day I caught the shadows and stored it in my Pandora box, one day I blindfolded myself and threw myself in his arms, one day I slept and never had to get up. One day I got drunk and did not have to make excuses to my mum, one day I picked up the devil from a bar, one day I stole the summer tint and painted the winter green, one day I danced in the radiant river fall. One day my ashes flew in wind, one day my dreams were sold, one day my memoirs were auctioned and the poorest purchased it all. One day I did smile, one day I did feel my tears dry, one day I woke up once again, one day I did find myself amidst the thousand me…. one day I did try and achieved more than just whispers, I got my song. One day I found that one day.