Friday, January 30, 2009

Inside my heart
Burns the flame of passion
Forgive my soul
for my sin of loving you.

I came to pray
Yet my eyes searched for you,
The silence of your lips
Burned my thirsty eyes

You touched me father
To purge me off my sins
I craved for you
My lust soared so high.

I closed my lids
To feel god’s grace
But my dreams remained
Incomplete without you

When you stood there
Blessing me and all,
My vision was blurred
My thoughts were stained

I wept days and nights
My love scarred my soul
Hoping against reality
That one day we shall unite

The man in you I see
With blood, bone and desires
Yet the touch of your hands
Never answer my prayers

You stood so close and yet so far
Never hearing my pleas for love
But one day you will yield your soul
For a woman’s heart lies with you

written by ananaya chatterjee

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Standing in the sleepy line
With closed empty eyes
I scratch my ass I dig my nose
I duck to escape the scorching glances

My unfinished dreams of yester night
Lurks from the dusty corners of neverland
The incessant drone of morning prayers
Jam my garbled senses

I wobble my oversized head
to clear the commercial traffic
of formulae and theories…
The misery of history

Moral science remains a wasted effort
Trapped in the confinement of the assembly halls
I stoop, from the nagging ache
The victims of educational despair

written by ananya chatterjee


painted by ananya chatterjee although it is copied from a magazine cover , not her original creation

Monday, January 26, 2009

And the night whispers in the ears of darkness,
Somewhere a heart pains and bleeds,
Tears of joy flows down to her bosom,
Her solitude…..has been revenged.

The golden hair, the azure eyes,
The sardonic smile, with coral touches…
She laughs aloud to the silent sky,
Echoed by the sound of lamenting

Scarlet drops flowed from his wounds.
drops that eased her pain away.
She looked up with her triumphant eyes,
And watched the shadow that wept for the hunted

The mirth, in her heart, no longer she felt;
Her victory so futile, so vain
To avenge the soul of her buried beloved,
Another was left love less in the desert of vengeance

written by ananya chatterjee

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Narrow dingy lanes
where death is a treat
Mongrels and men
are companions and competitors

the stench of uncovered drains
where shameful humanity lies low
the naked newborn starves
the deceiving streetlights burn brighter

diseased by hunger
deprived by fate
the toxic by products,
the wastes in the way of progress

here morality is a virgin whore
it sells but remains unfucked
and emotions are leftovers
from a rare meal

written by ananya chatterjee
My tears bear the traces of gore,
No wounds I see, no pain I feel
An empty lane and alleys of bygone days
Mirth and joy, lurks in the dusty corners.

Scarred was I, by the gashes of time
The road to salvation was dark, was cold
I was lost amidst the silence of stars
Alone I stood at the edge of life.

My hands felt numb, drenched in sweat
With a shallow breath, I reached to trap my life
Memories I grabbed with my empty hands,
My tainted hear was bleeding again.

written by ananya chatterjee

the sky has lost its color
the noon is dusty grey
the sands of time stood not still
the memories fade away

rising from the heaps
of empty pages,
tossing my head in pain...
my words are lost in eternity

i hope to drink
the wine of slumber
yet my shoulders stoop
not from dreams, but delusion

written by ananya chatterjee

I stay awake all night long,
To catch a glimpse of the lady in red
She stands by her window pane
My thoughts for her remain unsaid.

The wind plays with her unkempt hair,
I stretch my hands to touch the air
A shiver makes my heart so cold
The silent agony, no more can I bear

my heart cries out, my love for her
my lips are sealed with an ache unseen
Rejection, I fear shall stab my soul
Against my tired bed, I lean

I look up again, to quench my thirst
Drives me on, my lust for life
Another night just danced away
and continues my inner strife

written by ananya chatterjee

Fighting through crowds,
Running in vain
The tides of shame
Wash my scars

The hounds fed………
On my blood and my flesh,
My soul they stained
And yet I run

My dreams are drenched,
In the hues of fear
My eyes are shadowed,
By the glint of their smiles

But yet I run…
And then I pause to look at me,
No trace of blood, only memories
Of thousand intrusive hands

written by ananya chatterjee