Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fighting through crowds,
Running in vain
The tides of shame
Wash my scars

The hounds fed………
On my blood and my flesh,
My soul they stained
And yet I run

My dreams are drenched,
In the hues of fear
My eyes are shadowed,
By the glint of their smiles

But yet I run…
And then I pause to look at me,
No trace of blood, only memories
Of thousand intrusive hands

written by ananya chatterjee


  1. Woah! lovely creation :)

    On second thought - life is a mirror, only reflects the light.

  2. khub sundor lekha re tor....keep it up!
    amar ekdomi ei gun nei re..tobe ekta jinis bolte chai if you dont mind.....kichu words er repetition achhe tor kobitagulote....which makes them look similar..maybe you can try to avoid that.
    pls dont mind........ami ekdomi lekhalikhi parina kintu tui porte bolli tai ekta honest comment dilam.

  3. akdom thik bolecho arre ashole amar thoughts gulo o besh similar tai express koratae shomoshsha hoe jae
    but definitely cheshta korbo avoid korar thanks

  4. Finished reading all the posts :)..and its amazing