Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He lines my trail to the moon…
In his arms he holds the trampled ME
He walks me from my wrecked ruins
and fetches me a thousand stars.

I settle in his eyes
In his feel I subsist,
as he whispers into my ears
the yarn of sweet nothingness

He resides in my prayers
Dwells in the thoughts I knit
In him I glimpse the countless hues
That paints the shadows in me

And then, he glances at me
One spark
And the sky is on fire…
and I breathe through another night

dedicated to the man who taught me how to live in love...

written by ananya chatterjee

Friday, May 15, 2009

They say she died a natural death
slithered into the abyss of nocturnal peace
Said, no agony tormented her splintered core
Shut away from the realms of veracity

She bled her final dregs of dreams
soaked herself in the bloody past
the bruises of shame of ignominy of pain
but, they say a natural death… she died

she slept to fight the despair
moved not her lips, escaped not her fears
but her heart lingered bare, rusted…
until one day she died a natural death

Macabre reveries of gory shame
incontrovertible and undeniable
decomposed and putrid masses
surrounding the empty platter called 'life'

and then a natural death.........

written by ananya chatterjee

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chena gondhogulo kamon jano hariye jachche
Bhorer gondho,purono khoborer kaagojer othoba bikeler moori makhar gondho?
Aamer aachar er tel diye mekhe dito maa, ak odbhut bhalo lagar shei gondho…
Tobe akhon ar paina, moneo porena, uro smritir jaale kei ba atke thakte chae, amio chaina. Hoetoh shei jonnie bhule jai kimba jete chai.
Tobe akta gondho akhono amar hariye jawa roopkathagulo ke tene hichre baar kore niye ashe…. Brishtir gondho. Maatir kol e jokhon prothom brishtir chant eshe pore bhijie die jae amader topto shorir, pipasharto mon sholpo anka chobigulo… tokhoni ei chena gondhoti ochena shobkichuke shorie amar indriyogulor opore acchre pore, amay niye jae she dingulote ferot jekhane ami opekkhay boshe thaktam rajputro ar kotalputro eshe amay bondini rajkonya ke uriye niye jabe tepaantorer pare….
Tai borsha mukhod dine amar monikothay atke thaka bhalolagagulo peye jae onumoti, kheyal- khushir thikana, ami hoi poripurno, kokhono ba nijer ogochorei, kokhono ichche-danae paari diye….. shobai jokhon brishti konar maajhe heem sheetol tokhon amar shara shorire ak odbhut ushnotar choya pai ami….amar moner faankfokor gulo jano abar kanae kanae bhore othe…… ami abar notun kore akash pothe urte shikhi…..

written by ananya chatterjee

Monday, May 4, 2009

She withered as I stirred…..
Emaciated by the unlit days  
of solitude…
of pain.

I stroked to revive her
I urged her to smell, to dream
of loveliness…..
of lyrics.

I dwelled in her essence
nurtured by her effervescence.
Now gone…

And now am left forlorn…
Left with my tears and prayers
of sunshine,
of memories…

written by ananya chatterjee