Friday, May 15, 2009

They say she died a natural death
slithered into the abyss of nocturnal peace
Said, no agony tormented her splintered core
Shut away from the realms of veracity

She bled her final dregs of dreams
soaked herself in the bloody past
the bruises of shame of ignominy of pain
but, they say a natural death… she died

she slept to fight the despair
moved not her lips, escaped not her fears
but her heart lingered bare, rusted…
until one day she died a natural death

Macabre reveries of gory shame
incontrovertible and undeniable
decomposed and putrid masses
surrounding the empty platter called 'life'

and then a natural death.........

written by ananya chatterjee


  1. bhalo likhechish :)

  2. hitting in a would-be casual tone. i'd say the language belies the tone, and vice-versa which lends the piece its charm. Also, i can see just ONE comma. No other punctuation. Which is so essentially gothic. Technically.

    Loved it. (:

  3. i am 27 and i haveta fill an adults only form to enter your page.. dont i look like a matured adult?


  4. @ arindam hey thanks...

    @ pria u know how very much i hate punctuations and nw that u tell me it snds gothic m gonna do dat more babe...[chuckles]

    @ chronicwriter... its a virtual world u dnt look anything to me......;)
    and y cant i access ur blog???

  5. sad kyun?
    pata nahin....guess am addicted to it.....:P

  6. jonmiley moritey hobey janey to sobai
    tobey moroney moroney anek tafat achey bhai
    sob moron noi soman

  7. words are mere illustrations of a mind...but some words just form the most variegated emotions...the most stupendous...sometimes the most diatribe...and this is nothing but a ocean of emotions...presented the most suitable way....
    this post till now is the best.....:)

  8. @ meshon darun define korecho perfect

    @ sayantan thankew dear huggles for u

  9. sad..macabre

    but beautiful... :)

  10. Ananya I 1st time visit ur blog..Good work...The poem entirely matches to this background color of this blog..Keep it up

  11. @ rain gal..thanks its good to hear frm u

    @ anonymous thanks bt next time do leave ur name.......:)

  12. lovely poem :)

  13. extraordinarily WOW!
    i envy you for the charm you spill!

  14. u made my day..... thank u babe.....[:)]

  15. that was good

  16. its lovely, from a poem of love i jump to the dark side wrote it well