Wednesday, March 3, 2010

For months now, I have grumbled often tearfully almost like a regular adult about how much I have loved and then eventually lost, but I have ceased to mention, at times intentionally, what I had attained when I did love… and to be honest it indeed was a lot. Love as we all know is a weird emotion, for while it lasts it shadows your entity, your being and when it leaves, it leaves you not with the memories of sweetness but with the bitterness of how it could not last you for a lifetime. We are greedy, greedy for more; we humans feel as if we are naturally entitled to everything that is beautiful that is joyous, and when we grieve, we do it with such a passion that literally nullifies everything that had been good. Therefore, we mourn, mourn and mourn until something else catches our whim or better still, when somebody else replaces our needs. Selfishness comes to us as naturally as eating or shitting does. So let me for once refrain from being such a hypocrite and of course before I realize that I am being stupid mention how much I did enjoy being in love and put aside the fact that things did not quite work out between us as I thought they would, and really say aloud that yes I had been in love and no I don’t think it is such a crime to fall in it again. And to the rest of the lot who feel otherwise, well, what can I say I feel sorry for you I really do, because love is not a bad thing for it does not change you, it never does instead it changes the way you look at things and that makes all the difference in the world. So cheers to all who have loved and lost, for before losing you had been in for a joy ride and wait till you get yourself another ticket to Disneyland.