Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He lines my trail to the moon…
In his arms he holds the trampled ME
He walks me from my wrecked ruins
and fetches me a thousand stars.

I settle in his eyes
In his feel I subsist,
as he whispers into my ears
the yarn of sweet nothingness

He resides in my prayers
Dwells in the thoughts I knit
In him I glimpse the countless hues
That paints the shadows in me

And then, he glances at me
One spark
And the sky is on fire…
and I breathe through another night

dedicated to the man who taught me how to live in love...

written by ananya chatterjee


  1. Hi Ananya, I am new to this blog. Your poems are good.

  2. Very give-all and tender... though I do not identify much with the emotion in it; I can't help but notice how intensely it does come out. Nice.

  3. well written! very nicely bound emotions... beautifully presented... Keep up the good work! Regards.

  4. beautiful ... the words appear to come straight from the heart

  5. @ nesquarx...thanks...:)
    love aint always a joyride but am living it with him
    and am happy hope u get a feel of it someday too

    @ shut up n write....thenku

    @ arindam....well wat can i say?
    m a woman of emotions..;)
    bt thanks....

    @riya...yes it does dear....lots of love 4 ya

  6. hmm its all about rising in love isnt it? these lines that you beautifully penned down captures that emotion..... all I can do is pray that if you ever fall in love you always rise thus.....

  7. that is the sweetest thn ive heard in a long while
    thanks dear

  8. bhalobasha ki konobhabey badha jai?
    bhalobasha abinosshor. bhalobasha sorbogami.

  9. omg!! :mushy tearful eyes:
    omg...!! if only everyone could get such love that'd pour forth such poetry...!

  10. thanks babe u always seem to kno how to make me super happy..............

  11. hmmmm.....though I was seriously warned not to comment,but couldnt help myself.....blessed is he who has been so passionately loved by such a charming damsel!!!!!

  12. warned?
    dork u didnt wanna comment.....:(

  13. Sweet :). And intense too. Well done :).

  14. Lovely sentiments.. well written

  15. Hey Ananya...Very well written...thanks 4 stopping by my space...Do visit again...Take Care...(:

  16. @ brown phantom, dr roshan and tabitha....thanks there and do keep visiting :)

  17. Short & sweet.. Love.. the four letter word.. ah I have tried to understand and failed..and this post gives me another reason to ponder over again...

  18. ponder coz it will help u live
    and thanks....huggles for u dear

  19. a very tender poem indeed ! :)

  20. hey check out mine....urs are good i read several

  21. I love honest works... yours seems very much genuine.. great job!

  22. thanks there jagannath and a world.....

  23. i loved the feelings with which you wrote these, it just flows in words..my first visit..keep up the good work

  24. Ananya..Y u broke up with blog??..Yo have wonderful cretive mind as I noticed from your blog

    I like your black shadow for everything you projected in ur blog..

  25. Kaninika BanerjeeJuly 6, 2009 at 10:47 AM

    this is amazing...beautiful...can inspire anyone to dream again....

  26. AWWWW.. that was deep.. and a very nice dedication.. yeah once in a while u meet ppl who really have a great impact on life.. teaching to love is one of those things..

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  27. ya teaching to be in love....and nurture love