Friday, January 30, 2009

Inside my heart
Burns the flame of passion
Forgive my soul
for my sin of loving you.

I came to pray
Yet my eyes searched for you,
The silence of your lips
Burned my thirsty eyes

You touched me father
To purge me off my sins
I craved for you
My lust soared so high.

I closed my lids
To feel god’s grace
But my dreams remained
Incomplete without you

When you stood there
Blessing me and all,
My vision was blurred
My thoughts were stained

I wept days and nights
My love scarred my soul
Hoping against reality
That one day we shall unite

The man in you I see
With blood, bone and desires
Yet the touch of your hands
Never answer my prayers

You stood so close and yet so far
Never hearing my pleas for love
But one day you will yield your soul
For a woman’s heart lies with you

written by ananaya chatterjee


  1. Love & hope are always good friends of each other ...

    You have always something more to share with the life in each of the passing post, so fluently. Well done!

  2. my thoughts are treacherous.......they jst dnt seem to follow the orbit

  3. I never knew that you write so well.Your emotions are tender and lines are lucid.I will be happy to see a little experimentation with the form as well.

  4. ya u r ryt my poems are too prosaic
    i need to try different forms

  5. u have talent girl.........keep up the good work.......[n kp guessing who i am ;)]

  6. What did father have to say on this? :)