Thursday, January 14, 2010

Insanity my refuge
The startling prettiness of craze
Tantalizing my concealed vision
And the desire to overlap beauty with the
Scorching sensation of inadequacy

Remembering those
Whose wide eyes and shadow dreams
And marble throats enigma
Love, or something like it

Fantasy and rainbows
Hoods and faces behind masks
Or were they faceless masks
The shimmering gowns, tissues
And bliss
Or life an endless alley to nothingness and utopia- the dreams painted in painful insanity


  1. nice read keep working jumbo!

  2. bishado sobo karo duro,
    nabino anandey.......

    tabuo bishado-sristi sukher ullashey!!!!!

  3. Looking ahead is the essence of life,existentialism is nothing but adaptability to the ever changing time and a system in flux,remembrance is fine but not always the remembrancer,utopia is afterall not an illision,its inclusive so it is better to ignore it altogether,and besides variables are passing episodes in comparison to the permanence of a constant,so positivism is the need of the day,particularly as also generally.

  4. "And the desire to overlap beauty with the
    Scorching sensation of inadequacy" loved these lines..and the fact that you write from heart is what i've been missing all this while..glad to see you back here.
    Insanity i feel is the refuge of weak ananya the strongwilled grab the moment and be happy :)

  5. "And Marble throats enigma
    Love,something like it"
    I liked this post_modernised line.Realistic post.
    Keep it up

  6. We dont have any other course left other than playing a role of insanity ! Remember Hamlet!

  7. nt just hamlet......... almst every othr tale

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