Friday, March 20, 2009

I offer my prayers to the vista of life
It rises to tell me the yarn of disguise
The drape it has donned to evade the cries
Of tender follies and deadly lullabies

It seizes my hand and dashes with me
To underworld and over the sea
Where agony is a merciful delight
and darkness is a sane man’s sight

After the sunset I wake up to the dawn
The shadow of night embraces the morn
The smell of pine darkens my mind
It fastens my tongue and leaves me spellbind

Ecstatic with splendor I stand up to beam
The trance seems true not a gleaming dream
I long to return to the start of the ride
I obscure my pain I slain my pride

I am a miracle, but a profligate spawn
A wasted brilliance that fate has drawn
My verve is my might, my soul’s voice
My being is my blessing; a bliss to rejoice

written by ananya chatterjee


  1. Kaninika BanerjeeApril 7, 2009 at 1:27 PM

    hey its really awe-inspiring....and yah!!!you are not a profligate spawn....and absolutely not a wasted brilliance......

  2. hahaha...keo toh bollo kani...thanks.......u r a darling.

  3. come on you're not a waste..:)
    finally a poem with for me now a master of dark :)
    i hope to see some more hope filled poems too